Start the journey of finding your long lost “family member” by filling out the family application for a nanny, newborn specialist, household manager, babysitter, house sitter, and dog sitter. The application allows us to understand what your family needs. We then require you to fill out our family questionnaire. The questionnaire ask basic open ended questions to get an idea of what your family values in a nanny. After submitting both the application and the questionnaire a TVA member will contact your family within 48 hours.

What happens after your application and questionnaire is submitted and we’ve contacted you?

Next, It’s time for the family meeting. We cherish this meeting! The meeting allows us to experience your family bond first hand. We gain an understanding of what kind of nanny your family needs and wants; an Aunt Ashley or Grandma Betty. At the meeting we introduce The Village Guide. The Village Guide is full of helpful tools that will assist your family through this process. It contains example interview questions, gives suggestions on compensation, benefits, vacation, payroll and tax resources. There is a $200 retainer fee that is due at this meeting. This fee is used to create job post, promote, recruit, interview, coordinate, and consult. The retainer fee will apply to your placement fee if you hire through our agency.

After the family meeting the TVA members will begin the search for your nanny. As we are constantly interviewing nannies we will search through our nanny catalog first. Before you meet our nannies we ensure you that we have done extensive screening. We conduct personal face to face interviews, complete current county, state, and national criminal background checks, national sex offender checks, motor vehicle report, employer reference, employment verification, social security verification and visa verification. We will then present your family with all potential candidates. We will include the candidate’s full application, resume, references, experience, qualifications and background check.

Then comes the fun part! Your family gets to make a nanny selection. You select the very best fit for your family and we will discuss the wage compensation and benefits with you and your potential nanny. She will have 24 hours to make a commitment. We will contact your family as soon as we hear from the nanny. The remainder of the placement fee is due within 24 hours of the nanny commitment.  See the Fees page of our website for pricing.

Need assistance with salary recommendations?

We recommend offering a live-out nanny $19.75 – $29 per hour gross for a 40 hour work week depending upon their education, level of experience, number of children and required responsibilities set forth by the family. The average salary for full time live out nannies in Atlanta, Georgia is $790 gross weekly for a 40 hour work week. Please note that anything in excess of 40 hours is considered overtime, and the family should pay the nanny time and a half. The average salary for live-in nannies in Atlanta, Georgia is $570 to $670 weekly gross including room and board. Finally, we suggest providing an annual salary to attract career minded, long term nannies.

Please include a range along with dates of payments (i.e. every Friday, the 1st & 15th etc.) and will you withhold taxes? *

What benefits will you provide the Nanny (i.e. health insurance, paid vacation, paid travel with the family, holidays, bonuses, tuition reimbursement)

What type of childcare have you had in the past? Why was the care terminated? Please share any favorable / unfavorable experiences with prior Nannies.

Are you a nanny looking to join The Village of Atlanta Family? Please fill out an application and we will be sure to contact you!



Family Application

  • Child Information-Please include the following:

  • Family Preferences

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Rates, Dates, & Times

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