Why should you become a member?!


The Village of Atlanta offers membership services for all of your sitter needs. Membership fees are due prior to service. A membership with TVA includes the following:

  • Exclusive Discounts

  • Direct Emails of our new hires

  • Ability to request specific sitters

  • Overnight Sitters

  • Discounts on Special Event Sitters

Families seeking sitter services should provide TVA with 24 hours notice or more to allow accommodation. Unfortunately, we can not provide placement to families with less than 24 hours notice.

 Limits and Restrictions:

There is a ratio of 4:1 children preschool age and below to babysitter. If the children are elementary school age and above the ratio is 6:1. Our dog sitter ratio is the same as the preschool age to sitter ratio. This ratio allows the sitter to safely and comfortably care for your little ones.


The Village of Atlanta has  a $25 cancellation fee if canceled under 24 hours notice of the placement.